About Us

What started with a simple lunch counter serving fried chicken in back in 1968 has turned into a Tallahassee institution, Lindy’s Chicken has been serving up amazing chicken in a variety of ways for about 50 years.  Lindy’s was founded by Ray Salis who began his chicken empire by serving fried chicken in the back of a bowling alley.  People liked it so much that they ignored the bowling and came there to eat his chicken. Ray knew he was on to something so he decided to open his first restaurant.  Before long word spread around town and soon his chicken was so popular he decided to open additional locations just to meet demand. He started his business with a simple philosophy; to serve delicious chicken at a reasonable price; and that is what makes Lindy’s the best chicken restaurant in Tallahassee. Over the years Lindy's has spread to seven different locations in the area with a reputation that is hard to beat.  Go to any Lindy’s location around lunchtime and you will see why!  Just mention the word Lindy’s to any Tallahassee resident and you are likely to see a smiling face with that lip licking good feeling.  And that’s what Lindys is all about. If you are in the Tallahassee area stop in at any of the seven locations and try it out for yourself, chances are you'll be back for more.  Lindy's Chicken.... YOU'RE GONNA LOVE IT!